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Mr Labels Easy Guide to choosing the right sticky label for you

We can offer you all types of specialised paper and polypropylene (pp) labels.
Paper and polypropylene labels are very flexible and suitable for various different industries. These include food, drink, cosmetics, confectionery, candles, crafts, vape, e-cigarettes, pet food and pharmaceutical to name only a few.

But how do you know what label type you need?

Here is Mr Label’s quick guide to making the right choice. Alternatively, you can give us a quick buzz to discuss your options.

Choosing the right self adhesive sticky labels

Firstly choose your base product:

paper sticky labels

Paper labels

This is Mr Labels suggested starting point and the most common label type.


They offer the most cost-effective option and work really well on all products that DO NOT involve harsh chemicals and high water concentration.

laminated self adhesive paper sticky labels

Laminated paper labels

If you need just a little bit more protection as well as longer-lasting labels then Mr Label would recommend our paper laminating service for extra durability.


This can be done for only a little extra over the standard paper label price.

Polypropylene self adhesive sticky labels Plastic labels

Polypropylene (PP) or simply known as plastic labels

If even a laminated paper label simply won’t do the job for you, then Mr Label says go PP! These plastic labels are far more durable and robust than a laminated paper label and offer great water resistance and chemical protection.


It does attract a premium price over paper (as its more costly to manufacture than paper), but Mr Label says its superior protection and performance is really worth every penny!

Laminated polypropylene self adhesive sticky labels plastic labels

Laminated Polypropylene (LPP) or simply known as laminated plastic labels

If the recommendations so far are still not doing it for you and even the PP label doesn’t offer you the resistance for your really tough conditions, then the PP can also be laminated. Mr Label says this will give you the most indestructible label possible and really is the knock-out of all our labels!

Again, this can be done for only a little extra over the standard polypropylene label price.

Now you have chosen your base product, how about the finishing touch?

All our paper and laminated paper products can be made in the following finishes:

Paper label finishing


A favourite with Mr Label and the most popular choice offering an ultra-smooth high shine appearance and really makes the colours pop!


Another high flyer also referred to as ‘lustre’ or ‘pearl’. A good option offering a sheen halfway between ‘Matt’ and ‘Gloss’


No shine here! A much more subtle and non reflective finish.

Block out

You can't see through these guys, covers up all those mistakes!


For those looking for a more sustainable option. This is made from 0% hay paper and 70% FSC certified paper. It also has reduced CO2 emission's from its logistics chain.


Designed to show the natural characteristics of art paper, giving a more rustic finish.

Rustic cream

The same effect as TEXTURED but in ‘cream’ giving a super rustic finish.


Adding a silver foiled finish to your label will make it look and feel much more premium.

Antique laid

Off white, with an old school heritage look and feel, with a subtle ribbed texture.

Types of laminate finishes for self adhesive sticky labels

Polypropylene label finishing

Gloss (PP) polypropylene

A favourite with Mr Label and the most popular choice offering an ultra- smooth high shine appearance that really makes the colours pop, but with the added durability of PP!

Satin (PP) polypropylene

A sheen halfway between ‘Matt’ and ‘Gloss’, but with the added durability of PP!

Matt (PP) polypropylene

No shine here, but with the added durability of PP!

Block out (PP) polypropylene

You can’t see through these guys, but it can cover up all those things you want hidden!

Clear (PP) polypropylene

You can see through these guys as they are totally transparent. This gives a fresh ‘no’ label look.

Laminate finishing


Just stick with your paper or PP finish alone.


Available on all our paper and pp finishes. Just gives that added durability. This one gives an even shinier finish!


Available on all our paper and pp finishes. Just gives that added durability. No shine here!

And finally you need to choose your adhesive:

Please be aware that not all of our finishes are available with all of these adhesive options, so it’s always best to check with us.

Standard adhesive (permanent)

Does not allow removal without leaving a certain amount of residue and/or the label being damaged.

Extra perm

A more aggressive tack than permanent and definitely does not allow removal without leaving residue and/or the label being damaged.


These guys can be removed in one piece without leaving any residue on the surface they are attached to.

Adhesive finishes for custom sticky labels

Ready to order? Or need more help?

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