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Tips for Your Start-up Business - What we Learned in Our First 6 Months

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Success in a business venture in today’s world requires much more than a hippie office or a good location. The key to kickstarting your business is being flexible and possessing planning and good organisational skills.

Let’s be real, not everyone is cut to be an entrepreneur, and with a lot of competition amongst people trying to come up with “the next big thing,” it makes it harder to win the race or at least get ahead than the rest.

There seem to be a lot of websites at one’s disposal when it comes to starting a business. They always tell one how to start a business but leave out the good part- how to make your business successful!

Following are some startup secrets directly from the desk of some pros to get you going.

Prepare and Learn From the Best

The first crucial step towards a successful business is to accept incoming failures. You will be bitterly disappointed if you think whatever you touch will turn gold in a few months.

Never let the fear of failure come in your way; at the end of the day, the failures you experience are what define you. Preparation is the best way to avoid failures. Our own founder, Chris, spent six months researching the set up and visiting printing machine suppliers before creating his perfect business plan for Your Sticky Labels.

Think Creatively to Cut Costs

Having set up Your Sticky Labels during a difficult time, amidst the COVID pandemic and lockdown, it made sense to create a space for business at home. Chris converted the annex in his own home into the print room himself. That meant he could spend more money to ensure top quality performance machines. Although the business was small, offering only short run requirements, it was important to Chris to still provide premium quality to his customers.

Be Professional Alongside Creative

Alongside setting up a good office for your business, ensure your business is communicated creatively to the outside world. This may include quality business cards, a business phone number, social media pages and great customer service!

Research On Competitors

Knowing who you are competing with is important to thrive in this industry. Even if they offer nothing similar to your product, many companies tend to steal ideas to satisfy their needs, which can ultimately hurt your deal.

Never Stop Networking

Until your business holds its ground, these networks help your business to stay afloat. Eventually, once your business has kickstarted, these networks transform into powerful allies, and this is where your startup success story begins.


These tips will help your business reach dizzying heights if you are willing enough since the sky is the limit! Following the above guidelines may help kindle your entrepreneurial spirit.

Sticky Labels is a company offering digitally cut labels of any shape, any size and almost any timeline. With a vast experience of 20 years, the company not only tailors their offers according to the customer’s needs but also provides 100% customer satisfaction. Sticky Labels’ state-of-the-art equipment speaks for itself, keeping their heads low and letting their quotes do the work.

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