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Top 5 Ways Businesses Use Sticky Labels

Sticky labels are one of the greatest marketing tools. In addition to enhancing the visual appeal of your products, they serve as brand awareness tools. Business stickers have been around for a long time, and businesses have been using stickers for multiple purposes. They help your potential customers learn about your brand and spark their interest.

Listed below are some top-notch ways businesses can use Your Sticky Labels to increase their reach and growth.

1. Logo and Packaging Stickers

A package is incomplete without a sticker. Stickers help customers know about the product’s company. A package uses different types of sticky labels. The most common sticker is a logo sticker that depicts the company’s logo. One is the sticker detailing the company’s social media profiles and presence. Your Sticky Labels stickers are premium-quality and environment-friendly stickers that help you increase brand awareness.

2. Delivery and Logistics Stickers

There are also special stickers for delivery and logistical purposes, such as a ‘fragile’ sticker that shows the product’s fragility. It gives the delivery service provider instructions to handle the package with care. Lots of logistics companies now also rely on details being printed on stickers or barcodes to scan. It is also important to recognise how impactful branded stickers can be on packaging.

3. Stickers for Storage Organisation

If you have a warehouse, it can be difficult to find a specific product from the hundreds of products lined on shelves. For that, you need a color-coded sticky label. Colour-coded labels are available in different colours so that you can choose a particular colour for a specific product. For example, if you have any clothing item, you can stick a red coloured sticker to it, or you can stick an orange-coloured sticker to the shoes.

You can also create a chart where you can write the products in front of their respective colours to help your employees understand the colour coding.

4. Safety Stickers

If you have a foods-based business, then you must have food allergy stickers. It is crucial to post allergy labels on foods that may elicit an allergic response and to signpost safe foods for each customer. If you have a plant-based product, you can stick a vegan sticker on it. You can also stick animal cruelty-free stickers on your products to help your customers understand your brand values.

Nowadays, many people take sustainability very seriously. You must show that your company engages in sustainable practices so consider, once certified from regular boards, including that certification also in your stickers.

5. Repeat Customers Labels

There are also service-based stickers that are helpful for ensuring repeat business. Electricians and gas technicians, for example, are able to leave a sticker on the meter or boiler to show that it has been safety checked, leave behind vital safety information and a reminder for next year’s check up, complete with their details for repeat custom.


Business stickers are a great way to improve your business’s presence and help you reach out new customers. They’re also essential in branding and packaging and a great way to impact customers.

Contact Your Sticky Labels

If you want to get stickers for your small business then contact Your Sticky Labels to get a quote.

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